Okay, Why Does Home Targaryen Do Incest, Like, All of the Time?

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Watching House of the Dragon means getting your thoughts proper for lots of incest, sadly. Whether or not it is siblings whose dad and mom pressure them to marry one another or a star-crossed romance between uncle and niece… it is gonna occur and it is gonna occur rather a lot. Why is there a lot incest on Home of the Dragon? Why is Home Targaryen so in love with itself? There’s a methodology to the insanity that’s the Targaryen custom of incest. It might not make sense to us, but it surely does make sense to them.

For context, it is value mentioning that inbreeding was not unusual in IRL royal households all through historical past. There was at the least one level in historical past when all European monarchs had been cousins. George R. R. Martin did not simply make this as much as be twisted when he was writing the Track of Ice and Fireplace books. Nevertheless, the fictional Targaryen custom of marrying siblings collectively feels excessive even by the usual set by the Hapsburgs, for example. Here is what it’s worthwhile to learn about this “custom.”

They do, imagine it or not, have a motive

Solely folks with Targaryen genetics can experience dragons. So in an effort to protect that custom and never lose their connection to the species, they really feel compelled to intermarry. Not each Targaryen is betrothed to a different Targaryen. But when one particular person marries somebody from one other home for love or to seal an alliance, their youngster will most definitely be inspired to marry somebody with Targaryen blood and get issues again on observe.

There’s additionally the “prince that was promised” prophecy that Viserys revealed to Rhaenyra within the pilot of Home of the Dragon as the rationale Targaryens should be on the Iron Throne. Protecting it within the household helps to strengthen their maintain on the Throne.

How is it not a sin beneath their super-conservative faith?

Do not forget that time on Sport of Thrones in season 5 when Cersei pushed for a militant faction of Westeros’ faith to take over, after which that bit her within the butt when she was accused of sleeping along with her brother (correct) and Rebecca from Ted Lasso made her stroll round bare whereas everybody yelled SHAME, SHAME, SHAME? That is the faith, the Religion of the Seven, that’s prevalent in Westeros on the time of Home of the Dragon.

What occurred was that King Jaehaerys, who was king proper earlier than Rhaenyra’s father Viserys, appealed to the Religion management and obtained an exception for his household. Merely put: incest is taken into account a sin and an abomination in Westeros for everybody besides Home Targaryen. The rule actually would not apply to them. Earlier than Jaehaerys obtained the Religion’s blessing, there was a whole lot of drama concerning the rampant incest in Home Targaryen. In truth, there was an rebellion lead by the Religion Militant that resurfaced in season 5 of Sport of Thrones. You’d assume Cersei would have remembered that tidbit, however she most likely thought that she may get an exception for herself, too.

Again after they lived in Valyria as an alternative of Westeros, the kings of Home Targaryen additionally practiced plural marriage—one thing Daemon Targaryen appeared excited about exploring on Home of the Dragon—however so far as we all know the Religion of the Seven has not granted them that exception. Polygamy continues to be frowned upon, at the least.

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